The work of the Puyallup Police Foundation happens quietly, behind the scenes, and is known only to those we assist in their time of need. Today we were given permission to share one of our mission stories with you. May this story encourage you and show the resilience of our community in times of tragedy.

Earlier this year, an officer with the Puyallup Police Department and their spouse suffered an incomprehensible loss. Learning that they were expecting a child, filled them with immense joy. They set about preparing the nursery to welcome their first child into the world, found that they were expecting a girl and gave her the name of Bostyn. As the due date approached, her parents ensured that everything was ready. And then the unthinkable happened. Mom sensed something was wrong and doctors quickly confirmed that Bostyn would be stillborn.

The Foundation was notified and moved to provide requested assistance for the family in the days and weeks that followed, as they grieved the loss of Bostyn. The couple and a strong support team that surrounded them during this time of loss, looked for a way to give back the support that was provided during this time. They came together to create Bostyn’s Beads as a sweet remembrance of Bostyn. In the spring, the family made a generous donation to our Foundation from the outpouring of support for Bostyn’s Beads.

Their desire to reach others who are going through similar loss, prompted the formation of Baby Steps Foundation. The strength, resilience and determination modeled by this couple will serve to encourage and support others who will walk a similar path in the future. Please click the link below to see more information about this newly formed foundation and events planned.

The Puyallup Police Foundation was privileged to walk beside this couple in their time of need.